Coburn Child Care Center


Coburn Child Care Center serves West Muskingum families and their children.

We take grades Kindergarten-6th - the only Latchkey program in Zanesville providing care for middle school students.

We are open Monday through Friday at 6-8:30 AM and 3-6 PM.

We provide an enriching environment for children through play, crafts, activities, games, quiet time, socialization, and devotionals.

If you have questions and/or would like to register your child, please contact us.


A message from our new Interim Director

Greetings Coburn Latchkey Families!

My name is Cassie Clark and I’ve been appointed as interim Program Director. I was with latchkey from 2018-2020 and then I took another position. I returned at the beginning of this school year and am looking forward to the future here. A little about me: I’m a Christian; I actually attend Coburn! I’m a cat mom x3, my favorite superhero is Captain America, my drink of choice is mocha lattes, Pepsi (with lots of ice!) or sweet tea, I’m a dancer and have been since I was 3! My favorite food is anything Italian, and my favorite show is ‘The Golden Girls’ :D My favorite Bible verse is Job 23:10 and it says, “But He knows where I am going. And when He tests me, I will come out pure as gold.”

I know this transitional period will have some growing pains as I adapt to the PD position. Brittany has done a phenomenal job at preparing me for the role and I will be eternally grateful to her for that.

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please email or call the center at 740-452-9676. Also, we have a Facebook page that you can message the center directly from. Like us at Coburn Child Care Center on FB.

With warmest thanks,

Cassie Clark, Interim Director


We are SO grateful for the donations we’ve received so far. If you would like to contribute- please see the list below:

Snack Items

100% juice


Goldfish crackers

Pudding cups

Fruit snacks


Fruit and grain bars

Vanilla Wafers (the children LOVE these with pudding!)

Graham crackers

Craft Items

Glue sticks

Coloring and activity pages



Sanitizing Items



Please don’t feel limited to this list! It’s just some of our favorites.

Employment Opportunities

For more information about working with the Coburn Child Care Center - Latchkey,

please reach out to Interim Director Cassie Clark.

Resumes can be sent to the below email as well.